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Our Mission Statement:

To inspire awesome people to do awesome shit in wild places.


Our More Professional Mission Statement:

Promoting a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy relationship with the outdoors and to fulfill your sense of adventure.





1.  When a climber makes a dynamic movement that uses momentum to get to the next hold. Not a controlled reach or stretch. And once you go for it, you're committed.


DYNO was created out of lack of sustainable innovation in the nutrition industry and poor focus on the needs for climbers who continue to better themselves and push themselves to the next level of climbing fitness. Sure, the benefits of climbing fitness are great (the chiseled abs, the ripped back, the extremely callused finger tips), but being able to flash a 5.12 or a V6 sure feels damn good. And why not do some good for the environment 🌎 at the same time? Here at DYNO you won't find large, wasteful plastic tubs that will just fill up a landfill after you're done with it after a month. Nor, will you find a pointless plastic spoon that will meet its' demise at the same time, our servings are always 1 tablespoon (I'm sure you've got one of those laying around somewhere). If you're looking for a family who values not only physical, but mental health and loves to look for ways to make Earth a better place, then DYNO is the family that you've been looking for. 


your family at DYNO